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Dehradun Dugdh Utpadak Sahkari Sangh Ltd., Raipur Road, Dehradun is located near Sahastradhara crossing. It was established in the year 1956 & was registered in 12-03-1956. The regsitration number is 535. This cooperative milk production unit received machinery worth Rs 10 Lakh by govt. of New Zealand under colombo scheme. In the begining the organization was devoted towards selling milk only. This was gradually expanded to excellent quality milk products like Ghee, Paneer, Butter, Cheddar Cheese, Ricotta, Yoghurt etc.

Our head office is situated in Haldwani district of Uttarakhand (India) , we are having our production unit or chilling centers in almost all the districts of Uttarakhand.

Our main motto is to provide self-employment opportunities to all the villagers, including those who are living in remote villages of Uttarakhand, we are helping people to purchase cattle and start their own dairy farms, we are collecting milk from all the villages at attractive price, so that the villagers have no need to worry about the marketing of the milk. We at Aanchal provide a platform to be self-dependent, come and join us for a milk revolution

Best Aanchal Milk Products in Dehradun India


Feb 2008

In Feb 2008 started production work of Cheese and Ricota,

June 2008

In June 2008 started production and distribution of Yoghurt.

July 2008

In July 2008 started production and distribution of Cow Urine Extracts.

August 2008

In August, 2008 Milk Union constructed polyhouse in Dehradun.

May 2010

In May, 2010 started distributing Aanchal packaged drinking water.

Jan 2011

In Jan, 2011 started production work of kheer.

March 2012

In March, 2012 started prodcution work of khoya

Currently there are 21 Milk Booth of Aanchal across Dehradun.

क्रमांकस्थानबूथ संचालक का नाम
1डेरी परिसरश्रीमती दर्शनी देवी
2रायपुर गेटश्री अमित असवाल
3ऐस्लेहाल राजपुर रोडकोआपरेटिव स्टोर
4सचिवालय सुभाष रोडश्री भास्कर गैरोला
5टिहरी हाउस राजपुर रोडश्री मानसिंह थापा
6यमुना कॉलोनीश्रीमती कमलेश अरोड़ा
7सब्जी मंदी पटेल नगरश्री अकबर अली
8सचिवालय कॉलोनी केदारपुरश्री अमित अरोड़ा
9कोरोनेशन अस्पतालश्री भरत सिंह कंडारी
10दून अस्पतालश्री तरुण कुमार
11ऑफिसर्स कॉलोनीश्री देवेन्द्र जोशी
क्रमांकस्थानबूथ संचालक का नाम
12आई०एस०बी०टी० बस स्टैंडश्री जे०पी० सिंह
13हर्बटपुर सेन्टरश्रीमती सुवीरा
14मिलेटरी एरिया क्लेमन्टाउनश्री वीरेन्द्र सिंह रावत
15मिलेटरी एरिया अनारवालाश्री देवराज सिंह बिष्ट
16कैलाश गेट मुनि की रेती ऋषिकेशश्रीमती सरोजिनी जोशी
17स्वास्थ्य निदेशालयश्री जगदीश कुमार
18संयुक्त चिकित्सालयश्री हेमंत खरा
19ओ०एफ०डी० दूकान सं० 5श्रीमती संगीता रावत
20ओ०एफ०डी० दूकान सं० 10श्री रिषभ जैन
21विकास खंड देहरादूनविकास खंड की अधीन

Development of Aanchal Milk

Aanchal Dairy Performance Over Years
Aanchal Dairy Milk Procurement and Sale
Aanchal Dairy Ghee Sale
Aanchal Dairy Butter paneer and curd sale
Sale of Cattle Feed
Aanchal Dairy Total Turnover Since 2009-17
Profit and Loss of Aanchal Dairy

Routes of Milk ATM

Presently we are supplying Aanchal Milk & Milk Products to our valuable customers at their home/office through our Milk ATM and milk e-rikshaw.

Presently 4 milk ATM’s are running across the city on the following routes

aanchal dairy routemap1
aanchal dairy routemap 2
aanchal dairy routemap 3
aanchal dairy routemap 4

Any One Who Is Intrested To buy the Aanchal Products At His Door May Contact Us By Filling The Form.

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